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My Weather Station ToDo

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Temperature Trending
Barometer Trending
Humidity Trending

Rain Today
Rain Yesterday
Rain This Week
Rainy Days this month
Last 10 Minutes
Last Hour
Last Rain of more than 1 mm

Min/Max Today
Min/Max Yesterday
Min/Max this Week
Min/Max this Month
Min/Max this year

Min/Max Today
Min/Max Yesterday
Min/Max This Week
Min/Max this MOnth
Min/Max this Year

Current Conditions ICON

Basic Process
Load Windows Service
Get latest archive data (so wait until run once or twice? twice because it could take 3 mins to read a full archive set?)
Run one or more queries in SqlLIte to return stats such as Min/Max today, min/max yesterday etc... (run this again at midnight)

On each archive update update the current state of the data such as Min/Max Today, Last Rain for than 1mm etc

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